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A reverse mortgage is a loan, in the sense that it allows an eligible homeowner to borrow money but it doesn't work the same way as a home purchase loan. A homeowner who is 62 or older and has considerable home equity can borrow against the value of their home and receive funds as a lump sum, fixed monthly payment, or line of credit. Unlike a forward mortgage—meaning the type used to buy a home—a reverse mortgage doesn’t require the homeowner to make any loan payments during their lifetime.

Instead, the entire loan balance, up to a limit, becomes due and payable when the borrower dies, moves out permanently, or sells the home. Federal regulations require lenders to structure the transaction so that the loan amount won't exceed the home’s value. Even if it does, through a drop in the home’s market value or if the borrower lives longer than expected, the borrower or borrower’s estate won’t be held responsible for paying the lender the difference thanks to the program's mortgage insurance. See how we can help you secure a reverse mortgage today!

Whispering to Granddad


With Jeff Lafazan at GCF, you'll receive a guided tutorial and personalized learning experience about the reverse mortgage process.

With thousands of satisfied customers and over 40 years of combined mortgage experience among its associates, Gold Coast Funding is the new brokerage that’s really been here all along. We are a full service mortgage broker with every traditional and non-traditional product the mortgage industry has to offer. Our mission is to provide solutions for all of our clients’ needs and deliver a seamless, personable transaction from start to finish, one that truly gives a new meaning to service. We treat our clients like family, and over the last two decades we have proven that we don’t just fund mortgages, we live them.


Lowest Interest Rates

At Gold Coast Funding, we are motivated to bring you the lowest interest rates on the market using our incredible network of brokers and reverse mortgage specialists.


Throughout the process, our associated will keep you informed about the status of your application and how to navigate any hurdles that might come up. We believe in involving you directly to secure a reverse mortgage for you.


Mortgage lending can be a complex subject.  As such, integrity is everything at Gold Coast Funding.  We strive to empower our customers through transparency and knowledge at every step.  

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